Dear Friends and Patrons of The Festival Chorus,

We are extremely proud of this season’s fresh and inventive programming. We are also celebrating our 65th year which makes us one of the longest, continuously performing amateur organizations in the Calgary area! 

Donations help support the chorus in a number of ways. It ensures we can purchase new music when we are planning our season, hire high caliber musicians for our concerts, pay for rehearsal and performance space (and rental space), wardrobe, and historical archives. All of these things are vital to continue the choral tradition that we started 65 years ago.

When you purchase tickets for our concerts this year, please consider donating. We are a non-profit organization and rely heavily on the financial contributions of our community supporters. Please visit our donation page via or include a donation with your ticket order form. 

We are indebted to you, our loyal audience, for keeping choral music alive and blooming in our beautiful city.


Cam Schneider, President

Paul Grindlay, Artistic Director

Cindia Tan, Donations Manager