Cindy Neufeld

Cindy Neufeld is the fearless leader of the dedicated board of directors for The Festival Chorus; and, of course, she is a chorister herself. She started working with the organization around the year 2000 (time flies when you’re having fun) but also took a few years off in between to complete her Master of Arts in Professional Communication at Royal Roads University. She has previously served as Vice President, Casino Manager and Donations Manager.

As a chorister, she enjoys singing a variety of styles – whether it is a more serious oratorio work, Christmas music, or jazz. The more challenging the better: unless the vocal range is too extreme.  

“Certain concerts stick in my memory for various reasons, but sometimes for the sheer difficulty. The Bach Mass in B Minor was one because it was so hard. I certainly remember when we sang Sun Rings with the Kronos Quartet at the Jubilee Auditorium for the High Performance Rodeo.   Last year’s concert with the Vancouver Chamber Choir at the Bella Concert Hall was particularly rewarding, but challenging too because we did so much a capella work. However, it was a great success for us as a chorus artistically and it encouraged new chorus members to join. I always look forward to the next challenge.” 

Cindy also recently made a move to the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity as Manager of Philanthropy.

Join us in congratulating her!